MTS Shipping and Trading Ltd Co. was incorporated in 1990. From the start the company mainly focused on the steel transportation business; worldwide transportation of all kinds of steel products and agency services for vessels loading or discharging steel cargoes mostly in Nemrut Bay Ports which is also the hometown of MTS.
MTS Forwarding was established in İzmir and MTS started forwarding activities.
MTS İstanbul Branch Office was opened and headquarters moved to Istanbul. Istanbul being the heart of heavy industry and being close to the clients was a necessity. MTS extended their service areas especially in agency services to all Turkish Ports and also Bosphorus/Dardannelles straits passages.
Ship owner experience: Motor vessel Kyme was bought in 2006 and sea-river type Cordelia was bought in 2008 to carry scrap contracts. Kyme was sold in 2009 and Cordelia in 2011.
İzmit Office was opened and started to give agency service.
Blacksea Ereğli Office was opened.